And oh my goodness what a commission it is!

Bristol Blue/Cobalt Blue and Root Beer Brown/Amber sea glass ROCK STAR Ring! Bezel set on hand forged solid silver hammered, patina pebble. Hand pierced lightning bolt at its heart. Anyone guess the inspiration? 3 guesses! To easy!

Its weighty, bold and individual! Measuring 1.6cm high and 2cm across. Sea glass measures approx 6mm. Ring size O-P.

This ring is a commission from a very good friend and MASSIVE Bowie fan. She has had the idea for a while and I was very honoured to make it reality.

The base for these is molten silver, hammered flat and smoothed with a ball pin hammer and a lot of muscle!

Naturally tumbled ocean sea glass beach combed along the South Devon shoreline.

Commissions welcomed. I am not even going to be subtle about it. NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR CHRISTMAS! Don’t hesitate!

Please message me if you see something you like, or would like to make a purchase. Even if the shop looks empty I might just not have had time to update my online store at

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