Finally, following a few weeks of searching for some inspiration I have sat at my jewellery bench and created two pairs of Turquoise sea glass earrings.

I wanted to visit Dawlish beach this weekend but unfortunately only made it as far as the Warren. The beach and foot path from both directions is still closed. I expect until April.

The cute pair of studs are a commission for a special birthday and the very sweet drop earrings needs a lovely home.


turquoise-double-sea-glass-silver-bezel-set-drop-earrings--ii turquoise-double-sea-glass-silver-bezel-set-drop-earrings--i

turquoise-sea-glass-silver-bezel-set-studs-munted-on-silver-iii turquoise-sea-glass-silver-bezel-set-studs-munted-on-silver-iiii

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